Words of Wisdom on Innovation

What is the challenge and the triumph of invention, innovation,a patent?
The ability, in a single sentence, to stake a claim to an invention and define the boundaries of what is yours all between one capital letter and a period. Then to use that single sentence as the framework to describe how to make or use it your invention. A single sentence to describe something novel — the telegraph, a sewing machine, a semiconductor, a robot, the single swipe of a finger to unlock a device. The choice of words, their structure, and the links to the instructions for making and using a novel invention will all determine if you have an economically important innovation that will generate revenue or a nice certificate to hang on an office wall. This unique language and vocabulary and the structure and flow of innovations, inventions and patents is all about the mostly inscrutable, usually inaccessible, and always perplexing patent argot. So here are some important words of wisdom on invention, discovery and the nature of innovation.

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