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Chronicling the Latest Developments in the Patent Sphere

Our Mission

Way Better Patents™ is the digital pulse of the patentsphere chronicling the latest developments in intellectual property, innovation, inventions and patents (I3P) and the emerging innovation economy. Aimed at the new generation of self-directed digital native inventors, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs, it illuminates the issues and players of the nation's patent-focused businesses, offering a real-time narrative on patents, patent business models, patent policy and patent data in an expressive and easy to understand way.

A Level Playing Field

Our Approach

image of a yellow level We believe that information about patents should be easy to find, easy to use and easy to understand. Way Better Patents is trying to level the patent information playing field by delivering usable solutions and accessible information.

The Word on Innovation

If the inventory of ready-made words in our language determines which concepts you are able to understand, how would you ever learn anything new?

Guy Deutscher, University of Manchester

My view is that people are creative animals and will figure out clever ways to use tools that the inventor never imagined.

Steve Jobs

The difficulty of forming a clear conception of the subject is increased by the fact that while we have to deal with novel and strange facts, we have also to use old words in novel and inconsistent senses.

Harper's New Monthly Magazine on the telegraph, 1873

If I listened to my customers I would have invented a faster horse.

Henry Ford

More Words of Wisdom


Arleen Zank
Arleen Malley Zank
Editor in Chief, Founder and CEO Way Better Patents™

Ms. Zank is a business executive, technologist, and solutions architect with extensive experience designing, developing, and commercializing complex information products and services based on new and emergng technology for intellectual property-intense market sectors. As an intellectual property strategist she has deep experience in all aspects of patent portfolio development and management, patent monetization business models, innovation technology transfer, licensing, monetization, science and technology public policy, taxpayer funded patents, and commercialization. Her work has included supporting a wide range of patent focused organizations and inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs in the acquisiton, evaluation, monetization and delivery of products that rely on IP. She is founder and CEO of Wayfinder Digital, digital media and information products and services firm and the publisher of Way Better Patents.

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