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The Patent Advocates

Understanding the policy issues that are impacting patents, invention, and innovation and who is actively engaged in efforts to inform the discussion is an important aspect of the emerging innovation economy. Way Better Patents has assembled a list of who is advocating for or lobbying on behalf of clients, what issues are on their radar and who these groups represent. There is a fine line between advocacy and lobbying. Here anyone who has registered as a lobbyist is identified as a lobbyist. Everyone else is identified as an advocate. This is a dynamic and evolving list. We'll do our best to keep you informed on who is advocating for what to provide perspective on important issues in the patentsphere. Check back as new issues emerge.

Advocate or Lobbyist
Constituency or Client
Issue & Focus
Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) — Advocate
Its members — Trade association representing over 3,000 application software developers and small and mid-sized technology companies in the United States and in Europe.
Patent quality, increased funding of USPTO, patent reform and patent troll legislation.
Baker Donaldson — Lobbyist
Generic Pharmaceutical Association
Patent settlements, trade legislation, and biosimilars.
Council on Governmental Relations — Lobbyist
Its membership — Association of 189 research universities and affiliated research institutes and hospitals
Attributable ownership issues and differences in impact on State universities vs. other research universities.
DCI Group — Lobbyist
STEM Funding & immigration reform.
Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) —Advocate Its Members — Large corporate IP owners.
Trade association for owners of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
Attributable ownership issues, patent reform legisltation.
JBH Group — Lobbyist
Patent legislation
Leibman & Associates — Lobbiest
CPS Energy, Sunlayar, Graphene Technologies
Clean and sustainable energy technology research,development and demonstration.
Main Street Patent Coalition — Advocate
Its Members — small businesses in retail, restaurants, hotels, travel, grocers and others.
Patent troll litigation abuse and comprehensive patent reform.
Medical Device Manufacturers Association — Lobbyist/Advocate
Its Members.
Patent reform, patent legislation, Small Business Innovative Research program and medical devices
Public Knowledge — Advocate
A2K focused — openness of the Internet and the public’s access to knowledge.
Patent reform to enhance patent quality, reduce litigation, and make the patent system fair and balanced for the sake of innovation.
Wilson Elser — Lobbyist
Dewey Square Group
The Innovation Act

About Lobbying Data

The Lobbying Disclosure Act requires lobbyists and lobbying firms to register with the House and the Senate within 45 days of being hired by a client. The registrations list the issue areas that will be covered by the lobbying. Way Better Patents reviews publicly available data on registrations to identify firms and clients working on intellectual property and patent related issues.

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About Advocate Data

Way Better Patents collects information about civil society and other advocacy groups based on public testimony, responses to science, technology, and patent policy requests for comments, and participation in public meetings, patent partnerships, and forums focused on patent issues. Please help us keep the list up to date by letting us know of other organizations engaged in patent advocay.

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