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Way Better Patents™ develops comprehensive custom analyses to help you use patent data and information about inventions, technology transfer and innovation for your business and economic development, site selection, business retention and recruitment, training and workforce development, talent alignment and retention or to keep track of inventions happening in your neck of the woods. Contact us and tell us what you need. We'll give you a cost proposal, and deliver your custom report and presentation materials all wrapped up and ready to go. We added some of our best ideas below.

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Way Better Patents™ makes understanding what is happening in the innovation nation easier.

Custom Report Ideas


Tell us what location, types of inventions, universities, businesses and other data you wish to track and we'll develop a custom Coming Soon™ report and deliver it to you. Whether you want to monitor new inventions in industrial tools or how many patents, patent applications or both are being generated by patent owners in your location — businesses, universities, research institutions or government contractors — our analysts can pull it together for you. You define it and we'll build and deliver it to you, one time, once a month or once a week.

Recruiting/Retention Campaign Support

Use patent data to present scientific and technical domain expertise concentrations in your location or create a comparative analysis of your region and others. Use patent data to add another dimension to demographic and educational information. Let your constituents and clients understand where invention is happening. Information about patent owners provides insight into companies actively involved in R&D and commercialization activities, an important indicator of economic activity. Use Way Better Patent's custom reports to help make your case.

Scientific Presence

Scientific presence is a holistic look at science and technology activity in a particular location. Combining a variety of comprehensive data sources presents a picture of emerging inventive and innovative trends, the depth of scientific activity in a location, and how many people are participating in these activities. Way Better Patents™ integrates information from the National Science Foundation on R&D spending, demographic data on education and the economic census data, grant data, information on patent owners, and the presence of young companies, the engines of job creations. Scientific presence under its many names is a critical factor in site selection for science and technology intense global businesses. Way Better Patents can help you see what the site selection teams see.

Convergence & Cross Disciplinary Innovation

By looking at the classifications of patents you can discover where technologies are converging and identify new opportunities for understanding where new technology is emerging. Where biotechnology is converging with information technology, where submarkets are developing among previously divergent technologies — for example, the convergence of digital photography and mobile phones; the convergence of sensor technology with wireless security devices; the convergence of nanotechnology and biology.

Customized Statistics with Customized Timeline

Let us create compelling and engaging presentations and infographics showing invention and innovation on timelines that are important to you. Whether its looking at what happened over the last five years or mapping where inventions came from, we can build it.

Technology Transfer Profile

Technology transfer profiles look at the patent production of universities, research institutions, small businesses, and non-profit firms that benefit from grants and government contracts. Technology transfer profiles help identify corporate development partners and other key players in the marketplace. Technology transfer profiles can also be comparative — see the profiles of other areas to gain learn how technology transfer generates start-ups and other new ventures.


Patent drawings are beautiful works of art, inventions in black and white. Let us find the amazing invention and design drawings from your inventors and your businesses.

Regional Innovation Profile

Statistics and analysis of a particular region — Silicon Alley, Silicon Valley, BioTech Clusters, Metropolitan Statistical Areas with IP intense industries.

Patent Owner Profile

The companies in your area receiving patents and the inventors that are working with them.

Taxpayer Funded R&D and Patents

Examine the flow of federal research funds into the State as indicated by the production of patents and patent applications assigned to inventors and companies from that state. The report can look at specific towns, universities, or an analysis of the specific discoveries in science and technology in patents and patent applications. This analysis can also be focused on universities granted patents that indicate taxpayer funding and the US government agency providing the funds.

University Patent Production

Analysis and presentation materials on the number of patents granted to targeted universities over a custom timeframe. This report can be tailored to address local, regional, national and global collaboration among inventors, the specifics of the inventions and indications on which patents have been licensed indicating that the technology is being transferred to industry. Whether you want to track universities in your location or universities in other locations, weekly and monthly monitoring reports focused on specific universities or groups of universities can be delivered directly to your inbox.

Innovation & Business

Using data from the US Economic Census and data about patents, we can build you a custom analysis that uses patent data to point to the types of businesses that use the science and technology contained in domain specific patents granted to inventors in your state, region, country, or town.

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Way Better Patents™ makes understanding what is happening in the innovation nation easier.
About Non-Disclosures — All of our analysts are patent people who have a deep understanding of intellectual property and understand how to keep client information confidential and to protect your information. Let us know if you need a non-disclosure. We'll look at yours or we'll send you ours if you feel an NDA if necessary to engage us on a project.
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