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Scientific presence is a holistic look at science and technology activity — an amalgam of demographic information about the population of scientists, engineers, and technologists in a geographic area, the amount of R&D money flowing into an area, who is providing it and what type of science is being funded all assembled into one comprehensive profile.

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Patents Mean Business

The innovation process turns out to be intensely localized.

Brookings Institute

Innovation could contribute to reduction in the use of low skilled labor. Patenting growth is associated with high wage jobs.

Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance, 2011

Patenting growth is correlated with job growth, population growth, and increases in educational attainment rates.

Employment and labor productivity grow significantly in the year after a firm successfully patents its first innovation and that these positive effects persist for years afterward.

What Happens When Firms Patent?
Natarajan Balasubramanian and Jagadeesh Sivadasan
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