Indicia of Innovation — Kansas

R&D Expenditures in the State

A detailed look at the colleges, universities and research organizations, their expenditures, the sources of funding, and the domains where they are spending money in the State.


A look at the institutions and businesses forming the State's scientific presence.

Expenditures at Kansas Higher Education R&D Institutions

SOURCE: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Higher Education Research and Development Survey, FY 2012.
The breakdown of R&D expenditures in the state and the source of the funding.
US Rank Institution All R&D Expenditures Federal Government State & Local government Institution Funds Business Nonprofit Organizations All Other Sources
  All US Institutions $65,774,524 $40,130,460 $3,704,365 $13,673,539 $3,281,809 $4,033,233 $951,118
75 University Kansas 286,262 171,043 4,093 85,249 6,861 18,496 520
110 Kansas State University 176,141 77,689 43,380 41,448 5,141 4,921 3,562
181 Wichita State University 61,279 19,078 4,832 10,429 26,724 216 0
534 Haskell Indian Nations University 1,961 1,961 0 0 0 0 0
  Totals — Kansas 525,643 269,771 52,305 137,126 38,726 23,633 4,082

Funded by State & Local Government

The Details on the institutions receiving the State and Local Government R&D funding.

Higher education R&D expenditures funded by state and local governments, ranked by all R&D expenditures, by R&D field: FY 2012. Reported in 000s, (Dollars in thousands). Data from survey cycle FY 2012, as of 30 October 2013.

Rank Institution All R&D
Math &
Psychology Social
Engineering All non-S&E
All US Institutions 3,704,365 167,243 2,133,890 73,818 84,821 33,600 164,970 99,140 682,971 263,912
25 Kansas State University 43,380 197 29,759 712 17 231 2,277 5,895 3,658 634
121 Wichita State University 4,832 34 38 13 35 0 1 0 4,360 351
134 University Kansas 4,093 650 803 70 444 0 28 0 1,439 659
  Total 52,305 881 30,600 795 496 231 2,306 5,895 9,457 1,644

About Scientific Presence

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Scientific presence is a holistic look at science and technology activity in a particular location. Scientific Presence metrics, when combined with information about new patented inventions, presents a picture of emerging inventive and innovative trends, nascient market development, the depth of scientific activity in a location, the companies establishing outposts in new locations beyond their corporate headquarters, and how many people are participating in these activities. Way Better Patents combines this data with information on 21st Century internet-enables cross-location collaboration among inventors and company to identify the real density of business-oriented inventors in a location and who those inventors are working with. This helps identify new outposts of innovation activity that may not be obvious from other ways of looking at innovation. Scientific presence under its many names is a critical factor in site selection for science and technology intense global businesses.
Way Better Patents™ combines its own custom patent and innovation analytics with authoritative information on R&D spending, demographic data on education and the economic census data, grant data, information on patent owners, and the presence of young companies, the engines of job creations. Way Better Patents also creates highly focused fine-tuned views of location based scientific presence information to support our users who wish to look deeper at scientific presence in their neighborhood and beyond.
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