Intellectual Property Acronyms

Way Better Patent's alphabetical list of acronyms so you can figure out more patent voodoo.

AIAAmerica Invents Act (also Leahy-Smith America Invents Act)

AIPA — American Inventors Protection Act of 1999

AOTW — Assignments on the Web (Where to go to see who owns what.)

AU — Art Unit

BMP — Business Methods Patent

BPAI — Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences

CBM — Covered Business Method

CFR — Code of Federal Regulatons (US Patent Law is 35CFR)

CIP — Continuation-In-Part

CPCCooperative Patent Classification

CRADA — Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

CREATE Act — Cooperative Research and Technology Enhancement Act of 2004

EAPO — Eurasian Patent Office

eDAN — Electronic Desktop Application Navigator

EFS — Electronic Filing System

EFS-Web — Electronic Filing System Web

EoU — Evidence of Use

EPOEuropean Patent Office

FRAND — Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory

FTO — Freedom to Operate

GAU — Group Art Unit

ICE — International Common Elements — the international standard for patent data elements.

IFW — Image File Wrapper

IP5 — The five largest IP offices - Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and US.

IPC — International Patent Classification

IPR — Intellectual Property Rights

ISA — International Search Authority

ISR — International Search Report

ITC — International Trade Commission

JPO — Japanese Patent Office

JRA — Joint Research Agreement

MoT — Machine or Transformation

MPEP — Manual of Patent Examination Procedures

NPE — Non-Practicing Entity — an organization that holds a Patent but does not make any goods based upon the ideas in the patent.

NPL — Non-Patent Literature aka Non-Patent References

NPR — Non-Patent References aka Non-Patent Literature

OG — Official Gazette

OIPE — Office of Initial Patent Examination

PAE — Patent Assertion Entity (via FTC)

PAIR — Patent Application Information Retrieval

PALM — Patent Application Locating and Monitoring System

PCT — Patent Cooperation Treaty

PGPub — Pre-Grant Publication

PLT — Patent Law Treaty or Plant depending on the context.

PME — Patent Monetization Entity (via GAO).

POSITA — Person of Ordinary Skill In the Art

PTDL — Patent and Trademark Depository Library

PTE — Patent Term Extension

RCE — Request for Continued Examination

Rospatent — Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation

SAWS — Sensitive Application Warning System

SBIR — Small Business Innovation Research

SCORE — Supplemental Complex Repository for Examiners

SEP — Standard Essential Patents

SHIELD ACT — Saving High-Tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes

SIPOState Intellectual Property Office (Chinese Patent Office)

SIR — Statutory Invention Registration

SNQ — Substantial New Question of Patentability (What you need to get a patent reexamined)

SPE — Supervisory Patent Examiner (pronounced spee)

SSO — Standard Setting Organization

STTR — Small Business Technology Transfer

TRIPSTrade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

USC — US Code

US CL — A U.S. classification as defined in the US Patent Classification System

USPC — The United States Patent Classification System

USPTO — United States Patent and Trademark Office

WIPO — World Intellectual Property Organization

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