The Map Room

Where Does Innovation Come From?

Location Matters

The Map Room presents geographic information on the spatial distribution and topology of US innovation. Way Better Patents' weekly and year-to-date heat maps and US collaboration maps show are a visual way to understand where new patents are being granted, where to find inventors, who they work for and with, the innovative companies that move inventions to innovation, and the newest outposts of innovation are in the United States. Business is global but innovation is local.

The Map Room

Explore Innovation In Your Neck of the Woods

A Visual Tour of Invention

The Map Room publishes new State and National heat maps, visual tours of where invention is happening and the geography of invention. The Map Room's visually immersive maps show where inventors and companies are concentrated. The heat maps let you see how innovation is evolving; and find and pinpoint new and unexpected pockets of inventive and innovative activity.
This week's heatmap of Virginia inventors. This week's heatmap of Virginia assignees.
Virginia inventors (left) and Virginia companies, universities and entities (right) that received patents on March 31, 2015.

Outposts and Talent Pools

Way Better Patents creates highly focused, science and technology specific maps of talent pools and where emerging science is taking place. The maps provide talent scouts and site location professionals with actionable information on pockets of innovation to find talent, select locations for new outposts, or to mash up with economic and demographic data to spot new innovative clusters or find independent inventors and start-ups patenting inventions as the foundation of new innovative business ventures.
US Heat Map showing patent concentrations in each State.
Domain specific heat maps help you identify new and emerging talent pools of inventors and innovative companies working on the new and important discoveries that can lead to new markets and products. Find the location of inventors working in broad categories like Materials Engineering or highly refined specialists in areas like the use Jacobian matrix multivariable calculus in medical robotics. (No kidding.)
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