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Innovation In Your Neighborhood

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Coming Soon™ Digests are state-by-state, town-by-town compendiums of the new patents granted each week — the foundations of new products, new businesses, and new markets. Way Better Patents delivers a 21st century analysis of inventive activity and the official US government tallies of key patent metrics.
The Digests catalog the inventors making new patent-worthy discoveries; the companies and independent inventors who own the patents, and information about the science, technology, and engineering behind them. Way Better Patents™ Coming Soon™ Digest covers domestic and global collaborations between inventors and companies working on the latest innovations and highlights new patents from each state every week.

A Weekly Compendium of Invention

A Weekly State by State, Neighborhood By Neighborhood look at new patented inventions
Each Issue Includes:
  • The State of the State — A summary of inventive activity each week and year to date composites showing year over year performance in key inventive domains.
  • Box Scores — Easy to use box scores on key metrics and US and global rankings
  • The Entities — The local, national and international corporations, universities, government agencies, businesses, and other organizations working with inventors in your state.
  • Local Luminaries — A town by town look at inventors and companies and what they are inventing.
  • Collaborations — A breakdown of global collaborations — foreign co-inventorship and non-US patent owners working with local inventors.
  • Top inventions — a look at the Top Inventions for the week, the class of invention and the scientific details of each class of invention.
  • The Patents — Links to patent detail and downloadable PDFs of every patent issued each week.

Invention Spotlight

Each week the Digest’s Invention Illustrated section features summaries of representaive patented inventions from an inventor in the state and another from a patent owner identified as being from the state with links and drawings to let you go beyond the data and see the inventions.

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